The iphone5c

For The Colourful

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Colour is more than just a hue.

  • It expresses a feeling
  • Makes a statement
  • Declares an allegiance
  • Colour reveals your personality

The Iphone5c comes in 5 different colours, its not just for lovers of colour, it is for the colourful amongst us.

The rich and particular colour that we wanted to infuse into iPhone 5c simply wasn’t possible with the current material we use, metal. But we had no interest in imitating the typical, fragile plastic phone. So we built iPhone 5c around a steel-reinforced frame that also acts as an antenna. It’s attached to the outer shell in individual pieces, then laser-welded together to achieve a precise fit. This structural integrity makes iPhone 5c pleasingly solid to the touch — unlike any plastic phone you’ve ever held. iPhone 5c feels as significant as it looks. Referenced from

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 00.50.30While its appearance may be new, it is instantly recognisable. This is because it has all of the things that the people loved about the iphone 5 inside of it, and more!. The new Apple Designed A6 chip delivers even more impressive performance and graphics than ever before, and along with this is it incredibly ennergy efficient so you can use your Iphone without having to worry about the battery life.

The all new 8MP iSight Camera is a hit too and lets anybody and everybody taken incredible photo’s at any time!. The Intentions of the iphone5 was never just to make it a colour phone, but to create an entirely new expression of what the Iphone can be.

It has been Engineered to the “Brightest” Specifications.

  • A6 Chip
  • 8MP iSight Camera
  • 4 Inch Retina Display
  • Ultra Fast wireless

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 00.23.24The Iphone5c has all the things that made the Iphone5 an amazing phone plus all the extras including the new IOS7.

All of the above with a completely new design that fits in your hand perfectly!.




iOS 7 and iPhone 5c — a beautiful example of software and hardware designed together.

The clean redesigned icons and colourful matched wallpapers seem to rediate through the home screen nicely… Colours are everywhere in IOS7. This happened with full intent and purpose! IOS7 was designed with the colourful nature of the IPhone5c in mind making it more delightful and also more personal.

Also noticeable is the ways that the IOS7 brightness the tasks you perform every single day. It will automatically organise things for you… such as your photo’s based on where and when you have taken the pictures.

Airdrop will now also let you share your photo’s wirelessly and directly to people who are nearby.

IOS7 also enhances your reading experience when browsing the web by hiding the safari features in the background making your browsing more content and much less browser. What more could you want to make the iphone5c more pleasant, colourful and even more fun?

With a vibrant new and lively interface plus all new features that take full advantage of the technology inside, iOS 7 is made for iPhone 5c on every level.

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